Welcome to my Blog

Hello and welcome! I’m very excited to be starting this new blog all about my BDSM-life.

I’ll be sharing some of my experiences from pro domming – stories from my best sessions, accounts of long term conditioning, episodes of devastating humiliation, the most extreme consensual blackmail games and the sexiest sissies I’ve trained.

I’m going to try to be useful as well as entertaining so I’ll be discussing ideas about femdom, kink, fetishes, D/s relationships, sessions and online play, sex, finding partners, and offering some advice on these things too. I’ll review equipment I’ve used, literature I’ve read, kinky art I’ve enjoyed and dungeons I’ve played in.

I’m also looking forward to sharing more of my personal life including diary entries from my genuine D/s chastity relationship, how I play off-camera, cuckolding experiences, non-monogamy, and my personal journey into the fetishes I enjoy now.

Lastly, you’ll be treated to some of my own short pieces of kinky creative writing.

Please follow, share, comment and, most importantly, enjoy!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll leave you with a couple of previously unpublished pictures, for now. I’ll be back soon to introduce my FLR diary, beginning with my little Sickboy’s most recent humiliating orgasm and new chastity term.


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