Penis Shrinking with Chastity – is it Real?

I am often asked whether penis shrinking, through the long-term wear of progressively smaller chastity devices, is a real phenomenon. How small can you shrink a penis? Does it have lasting effects and can it be reversed? What about erectile dysfunction?

I don’t have all the answers, but here’s my attempt to share what I have seen in my time as a chastity enthusiast and practicing Domme.


What is and isn’t shrinking?

Penises are natural shape-shifters. Wake up on a hot summer’s morning from a dream about your sexy neighbour one day, and go Arctic free-diving in tumble-dried trunks the next, and it’s hard to believe you’re looking at the same appendage. Knowing if you’ve managed to shrink one can therefore be tricky. Shrinking within the chastity fetish is often confirmed by progression through smaller cages. For me, this can be a sign of shrinking, but it isn’t necessarily proof of it.

Even without chastity, most flaccid penises (excluding those huge and dense monsters you sometimes come across) can be squashed more than you think. I’ve flattened many to a mere slither in my tofu press (don’t try this at home and all that) but outside of the BDSM world too – serious squashing is everywhere. Transpeople seeking a more feminine or androgynous appearance may choose to keep penises compressed in various ways. You can buy specially designed straps and underwear for the purpose. Drag artists are famous for taping penises into impossibly tight spaces, and in some cultures inverting the penis inside the body is completely normal. Men of some hunter-gatherer groups in New Guinea, for example, keep their penises pushed back inside the body and the empty foreskin folded up, covered with a leaf and then tied with a tree-bark string to prevent anything from slipping back out. Replacing tree-bark string for a clit-clamp, a version of this practice has proven very popular with my SPH lovers.

If a tofu press can only crush a penis so far without destroying it, those who practice inversion demonstrate that pushing a penis back towards the body is more possible than many assume. Very short chastity devices achieve essentially the same thing – you haven’t necessarily shrunken it to get it in. Maybe you have, but maybe you’ve just increased softness, malleability, resilience to pain, or some knack of squashing.

For shrinking to have occurred the penis needs to not return to its former size when released. So does this happen when a penis is kept squashed, inverted or locked in a very tiny cage for a very long time?


My Experience

I have kept many penises in small devices long term, and I have kept a submissive partner in chastity the majority of the time for the last five years (though unlocking regularly for washing, games, experiments and periods of clemency here and there). Before chastity became default, when cages of all sizes were just toys for ‘sometimes’, I could squeeze my partner’s penis into cages about as small as the Holy Trainer Nano (with some difficulty) but when they came off after a few hours, a few days or even a couple of weeks, his penis looked and felt exactly the same as it did before. It was after he was first locked for a long period – three months in quite a small cage with no unlocked erections permitted – that I noticed a difference. Not when he was soft, but when his penis tried to get hard.

Erect, it was softer, weaker and consistently failed to stretch to within about half an inch of its typical former size. Another three months in a smaller cage and the results were slightly more noticeable. But they didn’t keep progressing with each similar lock period, rather they seemed to reach a fixed point. Now I can keep him in a shaftless cage for four or five months with no unlocked erections permitted and when eventually they are, they’ll be pitifully small and weak for the few days he might be allowed to remain unlocked – sometimes appearing one or two inches smaller than before chastity.

I have heard a lot of similar stories from subs, Dom(me)s, kinky couples and people into long term chastity generally – keeping the cage on for several weeks or a few months without allowing erections does seem to reduce the size and strength of the erect penis and make a flaccid one more easily squishable into smaller devices.

A common explanation is that lack of full erections over time means the penis loses some of its elasticity required to stretch into a full erection when unlocked.


Does it Last?

In my experience, unlocked erections (if allowed to occur freely for long enough) do gain back some of their previous size and strength. Some report a full return to normal after a couple of weeks unlocked, others tell me their long-term caging has made erections permanently weaker and smaller and that no amount of time out of the cage seems to totally reverse it. It seems all this depends on the length of the lockup, the size of the cage, the age and health of the person and other variables. To keep the results of the shrinking it seems that most people would need to avoid spending more than a few days out of the cage with erections working to stretch the penis out again.

As for flaccid shrinking, some people are sure they’ve experienced it, but I haven’t seen obvious proof with my own eyes – perhaps its more difficult to notice if flaccid penises tend to recoil into terrified little stubs every time you whip them out of their panties– can’t think why that’s the case with me!


Getting More Serious 

Everything so far has only referenced periods lasting a few months,  with regular unlocking for washing and with unlocked erections allowed in between. What about people who never remove their devices, who’s cocks have been locked for decades in the tiniest cages without ever coming out even for a wash? I don’t recommend doing this however well you think you can wash with a device on or however keen you are to become tiny and impotent… but I know some people do it. The problem I’ve had with discovering whether these people have experienced more serious shrinking is firstly that the people I know in this situation won’t take off a device and break an uninterrupted period of years-long chastity just to measure – one person I asked told me he’d report on it once he reaches ten years but he won’t be taking it off before then (three and a half years to go). Not only that but many won’t keep it off long enough to test if the penis restores (please get in touch if you can share experience on this). The other reason is that since the idea of shrinking, penis atrophy and even impotence is so appealing to many people with the chastity fetish, so many stories are fantasies. 

Of the few chastity device creators and sellers who discuss it at all, most maintain that lasting shrinkage and erectile dysfunction as a result of long term wear is a myth. Urologists advise that both are possibilities and warn against even overnight wear, but can’t point to recorded cases. Meanwhile the internet abounds with accounts of both permanent shrinkage and impotence.


What Is Possible?

It makes sense that long-term prevention of full erections will reduce their size and strength. Penises are not muscles, but like muscles and moving body parts generally, if they aren’t allowed to stretch for a long time they’ll waste. Certain degrees of erectile difficulties, at least temporary ones, don’t seem too far away from the diminished erections following a release that have been widely proven – especially if the person has other health factors to consider – but I’m yet to find anyone who I really believe has become permanently impotent from chastity alone. Whether it’s a genuine worry, a serious aim, or some combination of both, it doesn’t seem that this more serious effect is a likely outcome – even if it has to be accepted as a possibility on expert advice. Since restricted erections still happen inside cages or inside the body, long-term chastity on its own may not be enough to entirely kill off a sub’s ability to become erect.

Perhaps it is possible to use extreme chastity conditions to reach the point where an erection won’t ever fully return to its former condition and must exist in perpetual humiliation as a reduced nub. Maybe erections can be made so weak that a penis cannot physically fulfil a sub’s desires when the cage is taken off. All of these ideas are highly erotic and point towards the slow destruction of the penis’ sexual potential, the idea that when the cage eventually comes off, what’s left will be physically ruined. But it seems that this physical journey towards erection-elimination is limited for most people.

If a penectomy is off the table, or if the desire is to endure the experience – the journey through an incremental destruction of any future potential of the male sex organ, what may work better is a focus on psychological possibilities. 


The Psychological Potential

Many long-term chastity wearers will say that without their device they don’t feel right, and this idea can be a lot of fun to explore and develop as a Domme. 

I have one sub who I keep caged all the time, he is only allowed out once every two weeks to wash in ice cold water which he hates. Early on in the training, any signs of burgeoning erections during washing were stamped out (sometimes literally) and this is a person who is not turned on by pain. On top of this I continuously emphasise my dislike for it when he is not locked and my pleasure when he is. Over time this has associated only negativity with unlocking and especially unlocked erections. All his positive sexual experiences have been attached to the idea of being in the cage – it’s what he knows pleases me, it’s central to his submissive feelings towards me, it’s what earns him pleasure. In his cage is how he’s experienced the most erotic experiences of his life, and all orgasms since training with me . He and other subs I’ve trained long term have reported a sense that they need to go back in the cage whenever they’re out. When this state of mind is heightened they can’t get hard and they can’t cum while unlocked. Even with sexual stimulus and permission to get hard, they may not be able to. 

What you create is a kind of controlled, artificial anxiety relative to a particular situation. It works as an erection inhibitor in the same way performance anxiety or other hangups might work to keep a penis small and limp in other men. Lasting effects of physical shrinking and weakening might be possible to achieve and I very much enjoy humiliating and teasing a shrunken little nub. But, for me at least, shrinking and weakening erections is less a physical way of ensuring the sub cannot achieve unlocked satisfaction or hope to impress anyone with their embarrassingly small(er) penis, but more symbolic of my control and what I’m taking away from them through my application of it. It’s often not the lasting physical effects of the cage, but the conditioning that comes with it which has more power to deny a sub the privilege of a functioning penis once released.


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FLR Diary – My First Entry

Welcome to the beginning of my FLR diary. I’m not starting from the beginning of the relationship – that was years ago and is another story for another post, maybe. I’m going to begin pretty much where we are now and start writing from Subbie’s last humiliating orgasm and the start of his current lockup period. Some entries will be detailed accounts of particular incidents, some will be quick updates. 


Diary Entry 1

I decided it was time to torture my little worm since I had allowed him to be unlocked for a few days and was planning on re-locking him.

Because I had let him believe he ‘might’ be allowed to have sex with me, and ‘might’ be allowed to cum, he was desperate to begin, but he knew better than to pester me. He patiently waited while I took a while getting ready for bed. He knew of course that any chance of sex or cumming wasn’t going to arrive without him being utterly degraded first. 

When I was finally ready, I climbed onto the bed where he lay waiting. He was anticipating a torturous tease, but I knew that he wouldn’t be expecting what I had planned. “What are you thinking?” He asked nervously, taking in whatever evil smirk may well have been giving something away about my plan. But I ignored the question and leaned over him, kissing his neck. His moan of pleasure let me know he was unable to resist and would be simply letting me do what I wanted without answering his questions tonight. I worked my way down to his chest noticing his breathing start to quicken. I lifted his hand onto my neck signalling him to stroke me in the places I like. His nipples hardened against my tongue and I took in the sight of his totally helpless little submissive eyes as I let my hand reach down for his already hard, but tiny, cock in his panties. He gasped as I touched it on the outside of the panties and I began to rub myself on his smoothly shaven thigh between my legs. He could feel my arousal and I knew it was affecting him as I squashed his little thing with two fingers. He was squirming and moaning now and told me that he was close already. I laughed and said ‘Already? Your torture has barely begun!’ His reactions to my hints – exasperated, fearful, conflicted moans – only fed my need to torment him even more and I reached inside his panties to touch his nub. He didn’t know it yet, but I wasn’t’ rubbing in lube. It was numbing cream, to deny him the full pleasure of what I was about to do. As soon as he realised he questioned me again, and I explained that I didn’t want his useless little thing going off uncontrollably like it used to – I humiliated him over what he used to be like when we were teens and he could barely kiss me without making a mess in his skinny jeans. I edged him faster and harder with my two fingers, loving how hard it was for him to resist, until he twitched hard and I knew I need to stop. I slowed my finger rubbing, letting him compose himself while I concentrated on how good it felt rubbing on his smooth thigh, and his hand stroking my neck, chest, sides and leg. 

Once he had stopped his whimpering I got onto my hands and knees, pulled him up by the hand to direct him behind me and started to tease him with my bum, rubbing it against him until he started moaning again. He complained, saying how desperate to cum he felt, after 3 weeks since his last humiliating and unsatisfying anal milking. I told him he wasn’t allowed to even mention his own orgasms, or lack thereof, until I had cum as much as I wanted to. I told him to put on one of his extra thick condoms on and fuck me. He rushed to carry out the order as if afraid I might change my mind before he had the chance. I sadistically began a sentence with ‘actually now I think of it…..’ his eyes shot over, panicked. ‘You had better put two extra thick condoms on’. With a groan he rushed even faster to finish the task and pathetically scrambled over with his stiff little nub. Then, after seeking my final agreement, he slid it inside me. I remained still and gave no reaction to his tiny thing. I could sense his humiliation rising as he remained silent. I arched my back and leaned into him, laughing at the almost undetectable feel of his throbbing. I told him to try to fuck me and make me cum. He tried his hardest but it felt like nothing, and I let him know as I laughed, telling him how impossible it would be to make me cum, and that I knew how it was already getting impossible for him not to. He tried to look away but I made him look down at my bum, in my crotchless black lace thong knowing he’s in love with the sight of it. Then I made him touch it too. He couldn’t cope and had to pause from his pathetic nudge-fucking every few seconds and try with all his might to hold it in. I told him I wanted him to feel me cum while he couldn’t and he almost died when he saw me reach for the wand vibrator. Of course I was going to need something else if there was any chance of me cumming, and he knew it. I put it between my legs and turned it up, letting myself moan with pleasure. I told him I wanted him to keep trying to fuck me but he couldn’t by this point and he begged me to stop. He was frozen still just gasping and pleading with me, so I began to move as he tensed up completely, just repeating ‘oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, please, no, no, no, I can’t!, I can’t’. But I knew he could take just a little more so I began to move my hips in fast, tiny thrusting movements, enough to drive him crazy but not enough to slip off his tiny cock. 

The vibrator was starting to feel really good now and all his desperate yelping was getting me close. I let out my moans and told him, as I got closer, that this is the only way he’d feel me cum, on a vibrator while he held it all in. My vagina was tightening now and I knew he’d feel that even through the cream and condoms. I could feel the orgasm coming  while he was still flailing behind me, a total gasping mess. And I could now start to feel his denied little thing throbbing like mad. ‘You better not fucking cum while I do’ I managed as the building orgasm reached almost tipping point. I turned the vibrator up one last time and the sound of it and my own moans almost drowned out his pleading behind me that I was now completely ignoring, consumed by the approach of my own orgasm. After a long, hazy moment right on the edge, it hit me hard and suddenly, making me convulse. He knew the rules at this point – he wasn’t allowed to let his tiny thing slip out as I came, and he just managed it as the waves of pleasure rocked me. He held it in like I knew he could, just. Years ago, this would have been impossible and he would have exploded inside me from the sensation of my vagina contracting in orgasm and the sight and sound of me cumming, but my training had changed that. 

As my orgasm subsided, but my arousal didn’t, I slipped off his humiliated cock and lay on my back with the vibrator, lowered now to a more comfortable speed. He was still there on his knees, a pitiful sight, pink panties around his thighs, tears in his eyes, his small cock slowly softening and the two condoms full of pre-cum slipping off his denied little nub. I ordered him to take them off and suck out the contents which he did eagerly as I lay back on the comfortable bed, laughing and vibrating myself. When he was done with that pathetic display I made him get my favourite dildo and first compare it to the size of his minuscule cock. I told him he needed to now fuck me with something big enough to make me cum properly. He pushed it inside me and I felt it instantly giving me what he had failed to before, that wonderful feeling of being filled, of it pressing and squeezing past my G-spot. I could feel I was going to cum again soon. I pulled him up by the hair so he was face to face with me, his hand still reaching down to pleasure me with the dildo. He looked at me with complete acceptance of his lowered, humiliated state, and with total love and adoration for me. What a beautiful thing I had created of him, I thought to myself. I had to kiss him, biting his lip and neck, as he knew to get steadily deeper with the dildo pushing me closer. I could feel him throbbing on my thigh. I reached down to tease him and pulled him up higher. His moaning started up again as he realized he was in for more. I guided him up higher so his nub was millimeters from the other side of the buzzing vibrator I held against my clit. He let out another ‘oh my god’ as he worked out my plan and I looked up at him with my fake sympathetic eyes and then laughed cruelly. I made him push the dildo inside deep enough that I could cum from just rocking myself on it and I made him leave it as I pulled him closer. 

Touching his cock on the vibrator, even with the numbing cream, we both knew he couldn’t stop himself if it was held on. Squirming he gripped the white bedsheets and gasped as the end of it was held on the buzzing machine. I began to rub on the wand, with the dildo inside me I could feel myself getting close. That’s when I decided I wanted to cum together. I reached down for the panties around his thighs and pulled them up quickly as I rocked on the dildo and gnawed his lips, neck and his sensitive nipple. He knew what it meant to have his panties pulled back up over his little thing now. I didn’t have to speak – he knows he doesn’t cum on me, he knows that *if* he is ever allowed, it’s in his panties.  After years of conditioning just having them pulled up and his nub tucked back away during a torture session makes him writhe and beg – it could be that he cums, it could be that it’s the end and he never knows which. ‘Please, please, please!’ he said as he frantically humped the vibrator that was between both our legs. I used the panties to pull him harder into the vibrator, knowing that pulling them was working to crush his tiny cock and balls and squeeze his perineum. His desperation started to push me closer to the edge, his humping the vibrator was pushing it into my clit and the motion of us rocking together made the big dildo inside me press repeatedly into my G-spot and sensitive areas above. I could feel myself about to cum and I began making demands. A month locked in your smallest metal cage – ‘YES!’. Without any orgasms at all – ‘YES!’

I couldn’t hold back my own orgasm any more and I bit down on his nipple, pulled him by his underwear into the vibrator and rocked hard on the dildo. ‘Make a mess in your panties for me’, I said with my mouth around his nipple and we both came at the same time, my orgasm blissfully satisfying – intense vibration, a big dildo pressing in just the right spot and my ruined wretch melting on top of me having agreed to further desperation and sacrifice. His orgasm was utterly humiliating and frustrating having just fucked me and held it in, only to cum miserably in his panties. He knew to pull away from the vibrator at the last minute as well to ruin it. I know he felt only his crushed cock and balls in those tight, pulled up panties, his nipple being teased in my mouth, watching me cum for the second time. 

He collapsed on top of me and I told him how good he’d been for me. We lay there for a  while until the need for snacks made us move. After a midnight feast and a shower together, I made him fetch his tiny, shaftless metal cage. I put it on him and locked it up, placing the locking tool in my draw by the bed. I reminded him of the terms that he’d agreed to – locked in the cage with no orgasms for a month. He grumbled about it as we got back into bed and turned out the light, but I know it’s exactly what he needs.


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