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Penis Shrinking with Chastity – is it Real?

I am often asked whether penis shrinking, through the long-term wear of progressively smaller chastity devices, is a real phenomenon. How small can you shrink a penis? Does it have lasting effects and can it be reversed? What about erectile dysfunction? I don’t have all the answers, but here’s my attempt to share what I […]

FLR Diary – My First Entry

Welcome to the beginning of my FLR diary. I’m not starting from the beginning of the relationship – that was years ago and is another story for another post, maybe. I’m going to begin pretty much where we are now and start writing from Subbie’s last humiliating orgasm and the start of his current lockup […]

Welcome to my Blog

Hello and welcome! I’m very excited to be starting this new blog all about my BDSM-life. I’ll be sharing some of my experiences from pro domming – stories from my best sessions, accounts of long term conditioning, episodes of devastating humiliation, the most extreme consensual blackmail games and the sexiest sissies I’ve trained. I’m going […]

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